Sync your goals and teams into Notion from Lattice

Keep your team on track by making goals visible in Notion, inside team homepages, meeting pages and dashboards. The app also syncs your teams and team members into Notion databases, to keep your directory up to date.

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Keep Your Goals Within Reach

The essential bridge between Lattice & Notion

Stay In Sync
Goals, teams and team members are updated every 24 hours. You can also sync your data on-demand.
Add properties to the databases and connect them with other databases in your workspace.
Simple setup
Just add the free Notion template to your workspace and connect it to your Lattice account.
Private and secure
Your data is stored in your Notion workspace. Your credentials are encrypted at rest.

Frequently asked questions

What's the subscription price?

After your 7 day free trial, it's $10 per month or $100 per year.

Are there any limits to the number of goals or team members that the app can sync?

No there are no limits. You can sync as many as you want.

Can I connect the app with my existing databases?

Yes, you can connect the app with your existing databases. At the moment the names of the databases and their properties will need to match the configuration of the databases in the template. I plan to make this more flexible in the future.

Get setup in minutes.

Connect your Lattice account to the free Notion template and start syncing your data straight away.

Subscribe for $10 a month or $100 a year.